Our company’s purpose is to assist small business owners and their teams in developing and implementing new strategies that improve profitability. Ideally, business owners become fluent in their financial reports and fully comprehend the profit margins in every item or service they sell.

Owners continue to understand the marketing methods that are pertinent to their industry and improve their reach for more ideal clients and customers. We focus on improved selling techniques and methods for building and maintaining great teams. Additionally, we drive systemization so routine activities become consistent and predictable.

Our company delivers many owners the opportunity to improve their company’s value in the event of a future pending sale. Our goal is to provide the owner an ability to enjoy more options for the full vision he or she created when originally launching the business. To this end, we provide business valuations, strategic business planning, accountability coaching and business brokerage services.


Tony Marder landed in Gastonia, NC at the age of 1 and began numerous business and career ventures at the age of 12. Graduated from Ashbrook High School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the The University of Phoenix at Charlotte, Tony’s career spans several industries including Fine Dining Restaurants, Textiles, Distribution and Warehousing and In-Home Service Repairs.

In the midst of the past Great Recession Tony launched his coaching services in 2010 and maintains a large client base spanning numerous industries. A sought after public speaker Tony addresses topics which define Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility. His community involvement includes serving on several local charitable boards, the Boy Scouts of America, the Belmont ABC Board. He enjoys bringing his operational knowledge to kids where he introduces Business Ownership, Profitability, Ethics and Leadership Development.

Tony enjoys outdoor activities, exercise, cooking, travel and quality time spent with family and friends.