Dispelling the Myth of Summer

Dispelling the Myth of Summer Time
So you’ve worked hard through the first five months and gotten your business in shape for summer—congratulations.  Your business looks great in its swimsuit (if it doesn’t, we’ll cover that later).
So as you get ready to take your family on the annual trip to the beach, there are a couple of things I’d like you to keep in mind.
First off, the summer is no different than any other time of the year.  I hear people talking about going on cruise control for the next two months and getting back after it in the fall.  Are they serious? I’ve heard people say, “July is my slowest month of the year.” Only if you let it be.
Why in the world would you set your mindset to taking two to three months off during a year?  That’s 25% of the year and even more when you factor in the end of year holidays.  If you set your mind to doing whatever it takes for your summer to boom, well at least you stand a chance to make it productive. So here are some tips to keeping the summer productive for you and your business:
· Keep focused—summer time is when you need more detailed plans, not less.  Especially measured and tested marketing. It is a time when you can easily get distracted, so use good plans to keep you focused and on track.
· Become efficient with your time—there is nothing wrong with knocking off early and taking the kids to the pool.  The best way to accomplish it is to be more efficient so you get things done faster.  Get up a little earlier, take a shorter lunch, have a daily punch list, whatever you need to do.  Improved efficiency will give you more time to spend with family and friends.
· Have an phone/appointment setting strategy.  If people are going to be out of town, have a strategy where you are always setting the next appointment before you get off the phone.  It will save you hours of emails, voice mails and overall frustration.
· Go and visit your best clients. Find out what they’re doing. Keep them in the loop on what you are doing. Squeeze some shoulders, shake some hands, spread some love and ask for a referral. At the least, let them know how much you appreciate their business and that if you had to do it all over again you’d love to have more folks just like them to do business with.

Action Tip of the Month—Marketing
Instead of taking the summer off marketing, why don’t you ramp it up?  That will keep the leads flowing in while providing fertile areas to test and measure effectiveness.  Here are some strategies to add to the plan over the next month:
1. Facebook ads—pay per click opportunity with strong demographics.
2. LinkedIn ads—see above
3. Host Beneficiary Relationships—what non-competing businesses do business with your clients, share your databases
4. Client intake forms—turn to your existing clients and find out more about them.  Then, go where they go
5. Community events—there has to be a minor league ball game somewhere near you
6. Events– book your calendar with opportunities to meet people.

Take Action on this today and then Go Run a Lap!! Business is Fun!

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