How to Stick to Your 2018 Resolutions

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How to Stick to Your 2018 Resolutions

As we come to the close of 2017, the early thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions will start to run wild in both your personal life and in your business.  What do we need to DO better, who do we need to BE to be better and what activities do we need to engage in to HAVE better? These will certainly run rampant in our minds when we are awake and asleep.
I’ve had them myself.
The question becomes how to make them stick.  What can we do differently this year so that the changes we are after actually take hold?  I believe it boils down to three things:
1. We have to NEED something different.  This is similar to wanting something different but more compelling.  This is why starting to think about this New Year’s Eve doesn’t work because it is simply a want.  What do you NEED to change? And, what is it that will make you say, “I’m going to do this No Matter What!”
2. You have to be open to change.  Lots of people can articulate what they want to change but are not open to change.  Here’s how you tell.  What are you willing to give up to get what you want?  If you are not willing to give anything up, add anything to the mix, or modify your actions then you are not open to change.  Let’s use health as an example.  To get healthier it’s easy; eat better and exercise regularly.  No rocket science, yet year after year this desire goes unfulfilled because the person is not open to change.
3. Know where you will invest your time and money. Tell me where your time and money goes and l will be able to tell you what is important to you. Without knowing where you will invest your time and money, then any old road might get you there.
That’s it.  A simple 1-2-3 process to get 2018 off on the right foot.

And just to be sure, we are closing in on the end of 2017. Think of it as a 100 yard race.  You have run 95 yards and the tape is in sight. Finish the race.

All too often, people pull up at 99 yards and don’t complete what they started.  I see it in sales people who pull up before the close so the prospect can think about it. I see it in business owners who are short of their yearly goal and toss in the towel without thinking how it will affect the next month or the next year when they let up off the gas.
This year, take a different approach.  Run through the end of the year like you were running through a wall.  Keep the momentum level high so that when you hit 2018 you do so at full speed. You cannot start January 1 from a dead stop. Build your momentum now. Plan the next year’s goals and activity now or January will get here and it will be too late.

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the time with family and enjoy keeping your business moving forward.
Take Action on change today and then Go Run a Lap! Business is Fun!

Tony Marder is a Gastonia resident and President of ASM Ventures Corporation. His clients are family businesses and their teams who need to develop and implement new strategies to make more profit.  You can reach him for questions or comments at

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