On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!


“When the sun comes up, you better start running.”  I like the quote so much, I have to repeat it nearly every morning.
OK, that’s great, but what does it mean to you?  Here’s what it means.
It is September which means we have 100 days to finish 2014 like we planned.  We have 100 days to hit the revenue and profit numbers, build the team and take down the hours we spend in the business.  100 days is not a lot of time.  So here are a few suggestions to make 2014 still cross the finish line first:
· Be diligent—coming out of the summer and getting the kids back to school, you are probably ready to go after it.  Beware that around the corner lurks several holidays all of which will try to distract you from the topic at hand.  And the topic at hand is to finish the year strong. Building a successful business means you, the entrepreneur, must slough off the potential for negative mindset. Determine that what is affecting others is not going to be your excuse. Get what you want while this year still has plenty of potential.
· Keep focused on sales—the economy is back and folks are buying and the banks are getting more agreeable.  Reject the economy nay-sayers who are not making sales and start making some.  Believe me, someone, somewhere is spending money on what your business sells. Get creative, not lazy.
· Keep focused on profit—creating revenue is great, but keeping it is where the rubber hits the road.  Focus on profit and if your profits are high, start looking at tax planning.  If your profits are high, pre-pay your coaching fees for next year (now that is commitment). This may be the right time to upgrade systems and technology. In any event, putting some expenses into this year may be the right move.
· Budget—start spending two hours a week thinking about what you need to accomplish in 2015.  What do you need to do to make your success predictable?  Who needs to be hired to reduce your time?  Where will the money come from to pay that person?  Let’s improve the entire recruitment process so you get the right person. Build a budget and determine how to get the sales that support it. All key thoughts for 2015. 
Keep your focus and win the race of 2014.

Action Tip of the Day—Checklists

One of the best kept secrets is the checklist.  Not only are they easy to create and follow, but everyone understands them (because we’ve all used them).
So let’s go straight to benefits.  What are the benefits of a check list for you? 
· Consistency—you and the team do it the same way every time; even when you are not there
· Team—your team will understand how you do things in your business and take on the accountability of following the checklist
· Training—it is a straightforward way to train someone on how to be a part of your company and gets a new hire up and moving faster
· Time—by having a check list in place, you accomplish things faster and get them right the first time

Take Action on this today and then go Run a Lap! Business is Fun! 

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