Setting Customer Expectations

Setting Customer Expectations
When is the best time to set your customer’s expectations?  Is it during the sale?  Is it after the sale is made?  Is it before the customer starts the actual sales process?
I think the third option makes a lot of sense.
The key here is to think of it as positioning or setting the expectation—the key to a long term relationship and the key to ensuring that there are no misunderstandings as you consider working together.
So how do you help position or set the customer’s expectations before they work with you; while they are still checking you out?  Dr. Paddi  Lund, DDS  has done some great work on setting expectations in his book “The Happiness Centered Business,” check it out. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to consider:
· YouTube Video—why not have a YouTube video that you can direct people to; one that specifically speaks to how you work with people
· Welcome Book—create a welcome book that you send people early in the prospecting process so they can learn more about you and the kind of work you do
· Testimonials—create a variety of both written and video testimonials that people can review on line via Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. so that they can understand what you bring to the table as they do their due diligence both before meeting with you and after
· Industry Publication or articles on line — become the expert who is published talking about what you do and some key elements in how your industry should work with clients; which just happens to be the way your company works with clients
The reason for setting the expectation is that not all people that buy what you do are good for your business.  By positioning things properly upfront, you increase your chances of working with your “A” & “B” dream clients who you should build your business around.

Action Tip of the Day—Social Media
I wrote on this recently and wanted to give it a little more detail.  Social media marketing strategies are here to stay.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s mostly free. In the process they are going to change how marketing works for years.  I’d ask you to break Social Media into two areas—lead generation (marketing activity) and conversion rate (sales activity). Although improved conversion rates are great, lead generation is a big part of what you hope to accomplish from Social Media. So for today’s discussion, let’s focus on new leads:
Some ideas on how to generate new leads:
· Group activity—get involved with discussions within groups to demonstrate your skills; even create new groups
· Contacts—look at other contacts to see if there is a connection that can be bridged then leverage that connectivity to meet. Try this, “We make a lot of connections online, but business is still done face to face. Can we get together for coffee?”
· Blog—become an expert in your field that people want to learn from and post often to remain relevant.
Patience—take the time and make the commitment. Besides, at some point, Social Media can be managed by someone in your business other than you. Not such a bad idea to have lead generation on auto-pilot that grows the customer base while you tend to other things.
Take Action on this today and then Go Run a Lap!! Business is Fun!

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