“Thank you for your insight and guidance. Your expertise helped me reconnect to my goals and establish the best ways forward.”
Elias Rauch, Owner, Elias Rauch Media
“Tony has made a huge difference in the growth and stability of my business. I’m a better owner for it.”
Kim Sprenger O’Cain, Owner, Kim’s Professional Painting
“We’ve made it through the initial lockdown and pandemic crisis because Tony helped us prepare to think and act outside the box. “
Shannon Thomas, Owner, Creative Solutions Special Events
“Just finished a strategy call with Tony. He helped bring some clarity and challenge my thinking on an upcoming business decision. Wow! So glad he gave me the opportunity. Now, I have some great ideas and renewed thinking about my next steps in my business. If you are a business owner and would like some amazing coaching, give Tony a shout today! You will not regret it.”
Chris Kennedy, Positive Christian
“We all get set in our ways and think, “what can he teach me when I’ve been in business for 40+ years!” Well I went to Tony’s free classes and learned that I could improve on the training of my employees and instead of looking for new customers work hard to keep the ones I have! Learn new technologies that I wasn’t comfortable with😱…… We all need a cheerleader, someone to tell us the good and the bad! Tony is a great motivator, friend and if you need someone to be straight up with you, he’s your guy! “
Nancy Martin, Jackson's Cafeteria
“Tony Marder is an experienced business coach who genuinely wants to help. When he offered a free consultation, I was excited to sign up and speak with him. During our call, it was obvious he had done his research into my companies and their respective industries and had some valuable insight to bring to the table. Being able to hear from someone with a different perspective really helped set a new direction for where we should take our business and how to grow our client base. Not only that, he took an active role in promoting our campaigns on social media and has followed up to check in and see how things are going. I highly recommend you taking the time to meet with him to see if he might be a good fit for your business.”
John Diehl, Owner, Memorable Media and The Fad Factory
“Tony, your coaching solved the problem of waiting for business to come to me, hoping it would be good; and redirected my approach to pursuing the good business I want to have. If you’ve thought about getting some coaching from Tony Marder, you need to do it – Tony will help you focus on actively overcoming whatever problems made you think about getting some coaching. If you haven’t thought about getting some coaching from Tony Marder, you REALLY need to do it – Tony can help you improve your business in ways you never even thought about. Thanks for the great coaching! “
Bill M.
“The business has been very successful but there comes a time when you reach a plateau that you can only go so far without some type of coaching or some kind of direction because we know the business but we didn’t know the business of business. Tony holds us accountable for the business, that we are doing everything we can possibly do to be successful.”
Vince Hill
“You start focusing in on some of the big picture things that you lose sight of managing all the small stuff. It’s very hard to look at my business objectively also and I need that second set of eyes looking at what I’m doing here to see if it makes sense. You can convince yourself that it’s the right thing to do anything, but that’s not what’s important, it needs to be evaluated.”
Charlie Peninger, Jr., DTEL Telecommunications
Charlie Peninger, Jr.
“Less than one in 20 people who come in here looking for a loan are this well prepared.”
Don Harrison, Alliance Bank & Trust
Don Harrison
“In just one strategy and we’ve increased our net profit by 35% per month. In fact, business has grown so much we have needed to employ two more staff and open an extra day just to keep up the demand ”
Whitsunday Childcare Centre
“I learned a lot about my business working on this plan.”
Lisa Nyugen, Sake Express
Lisa Nyugen
“Coaching has helped me become more focused and goal oriented. It has helped me to identify areas I needed to strengthen to become more successful in accomplishing my goals. Coaching holds me accountable for the task I agreed to complete for the business.”
David L., LSP Technologies
“It was pretty chaotic and I didn’t have a very clear vision of where the company needed to go and felt like I was doing things without a purpose. Now that I know, you need to have a purpose in doing things…this has created a purpose in doing things for the company as well as myself. Our bottom line has increased by 87%, cash flow is better and now I know what I need to do to accomplish my numbers.”
Jeff Calvert, MJC Renovations
Jeff Calvert
“In the first 5 months our profits increased by 155% and in the last 3 months we’ve made just as much profit as we did for the previous 6 months. But it’s not just about making more money, we’ve also now got more clarity about our business and where it is heading.”
Brendan & Suzanne C., Prestige Lock Service
“Last year we started off with a profit forecast, but as soon as we learned your strategies we decided to double our forecast. We’re already well over that forecast again by two-and-a-half times on sales and profits are even higher. Now we run a really profitable business.”
Hank M. & Hemi M. , School of Welding